Magnolia Bakery Debuts Rainbow Banana Pudding, and It's As Delicious As It Is Adorable

The rainbow flavor adds confetti sprinkles and whipped cream to the classic pudding

Magnolia Bakery limited-edition summer banana pudding flavors in Rainbow, Magic Bar, S'mores, and Salted Caramel.

Magnolia Bakery has announced their “Summer Bananza” and will release four new, limited edition banana pudding flavors this summer.

Throughout the New York bakery’s creative strides (which opened in Chicago in 2011), what remains consistent is their famously tasty banana pudding filled with vanilla wafers, bananas, and magic (we think). In addition to their classic flavor and chocolate take on the original, Magnolia will be rolling out four new flavors, one each month, this summer.

Their first flavor, Rainbow—available June 5—will add confetti sprinkles and whipped cream to the classic pudding.

Chicago Tribune

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