New York Gyro

Food Truck, Middle Eastern
38th St (at Walnut St)
Philadelphia, PA 19104


  • Fantastic and friendly service. This food truck is definitely worth the wait.
  • Chicken/lamb platter + white sauce = pure heaven!!!
  • Gr8 chicken over rice
  • Hands down best food truck on campus. Delicious food, huge portions, but long lines. Go at 11am or 4 pm for minimum waiting times.
  • The falafel sandwich is amazingly good
  • Combo rice Extra rice extra meat no lettuce both sauces... Bang!
  • Lamb over rice is the way to go. Also get the hot sauce and white sauce!
  • Chicken over rice, pretty good
  • Best lunch truck on Spruce St., amazing lamb over rice for $5, and every entree comes with a free drink.
  • Not sure where he moved but he is no longer at 38th and walnut (as of July 1st) truck that is there now is not the same!!! If anyone knows where he moved...please post!!
  • Combo rice is worth the wait. This guy is the man.
  • The platter has both chicken and lamb over rice. It's so good and includes a drink for $6.00. Worth the wait
  • Best food truck in Philly!
  • Extra white sauce over lamb is the best
  • Chicken over rice was really good.
  • The line was long but sure worth the wait.
  • Best chicken over rice in west Philly!
  • Great quantities!! Falafel over rice is a winner! All entres come with a free drink!
  • Lamb and chicken over rice with a side salad with ranch dressing. Awesome so tender