This Gold-Topped Avocado Toast Costs $100 And Makes A Political Statement

When Australian millionaire Tim Gurner insinuated that millennials aren't purchasing real estate because they're spending all of their money on pricey brunch items like avocado toast, the internet immediately had a field day mocking his words.

Uproxx decided to put that expensive smashed avocado idea to the test by asking Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, California, to create the most expensive avocado toast they could muster. The result is an extravagant gold-topped avocado toast creation that costs $100 — or approximately 1/3000 the cost of a brand-new home in 2017.

Chef Paul Cao's pricey creation contained mashed avocado, white truffles, butter-poached lobster, and gold flakes. This of course demands we ask the question: When does smashed avocado on bread cease to become avocado toast and start becoming an open-faced sandwich instead?

You won't find this avocado toast on the menu at Burnt Crumbs, but you can check out these 10 Avocado Recipes to Help You Slim Down for Summer.