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Dragon’s Breath Chile Pepper Is Even Hotter Than the Carolina Reaper

The pepper is rated 2.4 million units of heat on the Scoville scale, compared to the Reaper’s 1.5 million

Shutterstock / Alena Ozerova

The pepper is also hotter than the pepper spray used by the U.S. military, which rates 2 million units of heat on the Scoville scale.

You’ve probably seen YouTube videos of chile pepper eating challenges with Carolina Reapers and ghost peppers, leaving some with flushed faces and watering eyes — some appear to be on the brink of being rushed to the hospital. One man was even left with a one-inch hole in his esophagus after eating a ghost pepper-filled hamburger. Now, there’s a new hot pepper in town called “Dragon’s Breath,” and it’s coming for the Carolina Reaper’s Guinness Record title as the hottest chile pepper in the world.

The creator of the pepper is a plant grower named Mike Smith, from St. Asaph in Wales, the BBC reported.

Smith courageously tried to taste the pepper, but spat it out within 10 seconds, according to the Daily Post.

"It’s not been tried orally. I’ve tried it on the tip of my tongue and it just burned and burned,” Smith said. “The heat intensity just grows.”

However, the pepper wasn’t created with the intention to eat (or make viral eating competition videos on YouTube with) — it was developed to increase the quality and resistance of plants.

Smith also told the BBC that, due to its numbing abilities, Dragon’s Breath can be used as a medicinal alternative for those who are allergic to anesthetic.

Smith has officially applied to Guinness World Records for the world’s hottest pepper title and is still waiting to hear back.


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