Watch: 9-Year-Old Eats the World’s Hottest Pepper, Regrets It

‘I’d get water if I were you’

It goes as well as you’d expect. 

A daring 9-year-old known on YouTube as Pikachu the Pokemon decided, against his better judgement, to take on the challenge of eating the Carolina Reaper, currently regarded as the world’s hottest chile pepper by the Guinness World Records.

“I had a little bit just to make sure I didn’t have any allergic reactions or anything,” says the careful daredevil. Then he puts the whole pepper in his mouth.

“It burns,” he tells the camera in mild surprise, while his grandfather, who was kind enough to be his off-camera supervisor, tells him he wasn’t supposed to swallow it. In any case, the deed is done.

Overall, our daring diner is remarkably composed for the length of the video, alternately holding his mouth in stunned silence and gulping from a glass of milk. Then, just a second before he turns off the camera, Pikachu lets out a screech of horror. “I’d get water if I were you,” his grandfather offers wisely. 

Luckily for us, Pikachu was thoughtful enough to provide viewers with an update, entitled “How I felt about eating the Carolina reaper.”


It’s definitely worth a watch, but here’s the gist: “My stomach was burning like Satan was burning me with fire.”