Cinnabon Predicted to Sell Nearly One Million Rolls this Thanksgiving Weekend

Over the next five days, Cinnabon will enter its busiest time of the year

The Jollybon season is upon us. 

Cinnabon, the 880-calorie mainstay of airports and malls all over the country, is expected to sell approximately 8,300 cinnamon rolls per hour nationwide between Wednesday and Sunday, reports Businessweek. That’s nearly one million rolls over the next five days.

The explanation is pretty simple: the timing is just right, and there’s no more captive an audience than that which is inside an airport lounge. ”Some people wait all year to indulge,” Deborah Rowley, Cinnabon’s vice president of new market operations, told Businessweek.

In fact, the holiday season is such a hectic time for Cinnabon that the company’s internal nickname for the weeks between Black Friday and January 2 is “Jollybon.” An average sales day during this period of reckless Cinnabon-consumption is 50 percent higher on average, compared to the rest of the year.


And the busiest Cinnabon location of them all? It’s the Las Vegas Airport.

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Karen Lo is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @appleplexy.