Chocolate-Flavored Twinkies Are Finally Here

Now Twinkies sponge cake comes in alternative chocolate flavor, available wherever snack foods are sold

Diet-busters: The temptation is real.

Ever since Twinkies came back from the dead in 2013, they’ve really been making a comeback. First we got Twinkies ice cream and now we finally have chocolate-flavored Twinkies (not to be confused with chocolate fudge-covered Twinkies that were just released last week, along with Hostess cupcake cookies with the launch of the Hostess Bake Shop).

Chocolate-cake Twinkies resemble Ding Dongs or Yodels without the chocolate coating. Chocolate cake filled with that familiar cream filling — chocolate-flavored Twinkies will be available nationwide. Not only that but the Hostess fudge-covered “Chocodile” Twinkies got a serious upgrade too: Now they’ve improved the filling-to-cake ratio and added a tastier fudge coating.

We’re just shocked it took so long for Hostess to come out with this supreme Twinkie variety.


Of course the Internet is up in arms about this new creation: