You Can Now Buy Hostess Cupcake Cookies and Chocolate-Covered Twinkies

Hostess has expanded its Bakeshop offerings featuring upscale versions of its classic junk food treats

As if you needed an excuse to go off-diet again.

Hostess is reclaiming its comeback with a new line of goodies that will leave your mouth watering and your wallets empty: the Hostess Bakeshop. The Bakeshop, which launched last month, includes such tempting treats as Twinkies dipped in white or milk chocolate fudge and sprinkles, Triple Fudge Ding Dongs and Cupcake Cookies (yes, the cupcakes you know and love if a more convenient cookie form).

“We are thrilled to be entering, full force, into such an exciting new territory for Hostess Brands and one that continues to expand as consumers’ tastes for premium treats evolve,” said Ellen Copaken, vice president of marketing at Hostess Brands LLC, in a press release. “Our inspired roster of premium Hostess Bake Shop treats is like nothing you’ve ever seen from Hostess before, while still retaining aspects of the classic snacks generations of consumers have come to love.”

The Daily Meal staff got their hands on the Hostess baked goods and reviews were mixed. Half of our staff felt that the chocolate on the Twinkies and cupcake cookies tasted artificial and of a poor quality. “The chocolate left a film on my tongue,” one editor said. The other half of the lucky tasters were surprised that the chocolate Twinkies worked so well and gave the treats two chocolate-stained thumbs up.


You can get the goods at Costco for now, although the line will be expanded to other retail outlets nationwide. Rumor has it that Hostess will even be targeting mom and pop bakeries.