Rejoice! Chocolate-Covered Twinkies Are Back

Rejoice! Chocolate-Covered Twinkies Are Back

Chocolate-covered Twinkies? Why hasn't this been a thing already?

Chocolate-covered Twinkies? This may be the biggest Hostess news since Twinkies returned to shelves nationwide last year after a devastating hiatus that left everyone in a cream cake-less coma. Chocodiles, the brand name for chocolate-covered Twinkies, are hitting shelves nationwide after a brief test run last year on the West Coast, which spawned a cult-like following, the chocolate Twinkies appearing on eBay for as much as $30 a pop.

"In the past, Chocodiles seemed to be shrouded as much in mystery as in chocolate, inspiring an obsession among fans that was truly the stuff of legends," said William Toler, president and CEO of Hostess. "Now, fanatics will once again be able to satisfy their cravings and a new generation will be able to experience the magic for the first time."

Chocolate Twinkies not doing it for you? Hostess will also be introducing chocolate crème, strawberry crème, and banana crème varieties later this year.

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