This 91-Year-Old Grandma Is an Expert at Cooking with Weed


Who says that only young people are interested in cooking with pot?

As marijuana becomes legalized (for both medical and recreational purposes) in more states, smoking culture has expanded to food, with a growing trend of weed cuisine. So where can you learn about cooking with marijuana?  Why, from 91-year-old Nonna Marijuana, of course! Featured in a recent episode of Bong Appetit, produced by Vice’s Munchies, Aurora Leveroni, aka Nonna Marijuana, creates delicious Italian recipes using marijuana buds grown by her own daughter. From these buds, she demonstrates how to infuse cannabis into butter. From there, you can make a plethora of recipes, including her signature “Chicken Pot-cciatore.”

Nonna Marijuana is from California, where medical marijuana is legalized, and throughout the video produced by the Bong Appetit team, she explains the benefits and importance of medical marijuana for sufferers of medical maladies.

“I only started cooking with medical marijuana five years ago,” she told Munchies. “Now I use marijuana as an ingredient in order to help those who are ill and need it to heal themselves, like my daughter Valerie, who uses medical marijuana to control her grand mal seizures.”


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