Chart: How to Cook Any and All Cuts of Beef

Just consult this incredibly useful chart, like we’ll be doing from now on

Chart: How to Cook Any and All Cuts of Beef

Here’s an incredibly useful chart that provides a comprehensive list of methods to cook every cut of beef, created by The Beef Checkoff, an organization dedicated to the simple mission promoting beef around the world (click to enlarge). 

Whether you’ve just moved into your first apartment and face the daunting task of creating real food by yourself for the first time ever, or you’ve expanded your budget to impress a date this weekend, this “Beef Made Easy” chart wants to help you make the most of your beef.

From the low and slow treatment of boneless chuck pot roast, to brisket, to the high-heat broiling of a rack of baby back ribs, the Cattleman’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has you covered.

You’ll also have a visual guide to help you distinguish between all those different cuts of steak (it turns out all those shapes do mean different things). We recommend you bookmark this link, or better yet, blow it up into a poster for your kitchen.

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