Asheville, North Carolina, Is Home To America's Highest Number Of Breweries Per Person

If you're in search of the best city for beer lovers, a new ranking suggests you pack your bags for Asheville, North Carolina. The data comes from Apartment Guide's list of the 10 best cities for beer lovers, which features American cities with a population of above 50,000 and at least five breweries per 100,000 residents. 

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Hailed as home to the South's best brewing scene — dubbed "the Colorado of the East" by some — Asheville is jam-packed with craft beer gardens and tap rooms galore including nationwide favorites Sierra Nevada and New Belgium. Asheville has nearly 30 breweries within the city limits, including Highland Brewing Company (the city's oldest), Green Man Brewery, French Broad River Brewery, Catawba Brewing Company and Eurisko Beer Company.

The second best city for beer lovers is Portland, Maine, which boasts 26 breweries per 100,000 residents (and some incredible lobster rolls). The New England city houses Allagash, one of the most popular large-scale craft brewers in the country, along with Austin Street Brewery, Lone Pine Brewing, Oxbow Brewing Company, Maine Mead Works and more.

Following Asheville and Portland are Bend, Oregon; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Boulder, Colorado; Vista, California; Leesburg, Virginia; Greenville, South Carolina; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Pensacola, Florida. So if proximity to breweries is a prime qualification for the city you call home, take your pick! But why limit yourself to just 10 locations? We did our own digging and compiled a list of the 25 best cities for beer lovers.