Alton Brown Teaches Us How to (Safely) Slice a Mango

How to slice a mango in the safest way possible, courtesy of Alton Brown
Alton Brown Teaches Us How to (Safely) Slice a Mango
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Alton Brown wants to make sure you never mutilate your fingers in the name of mangoes, ever again!

In the latest tutorial from Alton Brown, the knowledgeable kitchen enthusiast teaches us how to slice a mango without putting our fingers in danger.

Alton’s guide includes leaving on special “grips” of the mango skin for safety, and then “holding those two patches for security” while slicing into the mango.

In a slight departure from Brown’s normally pristine kitchen tutorials, this video includes copious amount of fake blood to drive the point across, so take care if you’re on the squeamish side. If you’re not, enjoy Alton’s brief foray into horror films! Remember, it’s all for the greater good — of spreading kitchen safety all over the world.

In the words of Alton Brown, “Remember America, cut smart.”

Watch the tutorial below, and find detailed written instructions on Alton’s website. 

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