New Oreo Drink Mix Will Let You Dunk Oreos In Your Oreos

The powdered mix includes actual crumbled Oreo cookies
Oreo drink mix

There are plenty of ways to eat Oreos, but have you ever thought of drinking them? Now a new powdered Oreo chocolate drink mix – made of real crumbled Oreo cookies -- will let you do just that. And if you want to maximize your Oreo goodness, no one will stop you from dunking Oreo cookies in a mug of Oreo drink mix.

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“Who doesn’t love dunking an Oreo cookie in a big glass of cold, refreshing milk?” Oreo asks on the drink-mix container. “Now you can enjoy the flavor of this classic combination with Oreo drink mix. Enjoy real pieces of rich chocolate Oreo cookie crumble mixed with your favorite milk to recreate the timeless experience of dunking Oreo cookies in milk.”

The rich powdery mix debuted in August, Popsugar reports, and each container makes 32 eight-ounce servings of chocolate milk. According to the container, the mix contains 45 percent less sugar than the leading chocolate-syrup brand. Popsugar reports that it’s available at various grocery stores, including Food Lion, Hy-Vee and Albertsons. It’s currently out of stock at Amazon, but you can sign up to be notified when the mix is back in stock.

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