Most Readers Disapprove of Fat Taxes

We asked what foods America should tax; most people said nothing

About two months ago, Denmark implemented a "fat tax" that charges 15 more cents for a burger and 40 cents for a package of butter. Also on their tax list? Chips, milk, cheese, and minced meat.

Yet it seems like most of our readers are against the fat tax. We asked readers what foods should be taxed stateside, and the majority (44 percent) said that nothing should be taxed.

Of course, 22 percent of readers said sodas should be taxed, while fast food received 17 percent of the votes. Some readers (17 percent) did say butter and lard, sodas, fast food, and chips should all be taxed, but butter and lard were not singled out by voters for taxation.

Perhaps butter got away because it's such a staple to cooking. Look at Paula Deena recent study showed that most Americans wanted the queen of butter to cook their holiday meals.

Soda may have gotten the most votes simply because it's well known that the sugary drinks are bad for you; one of the ingredients in soda is a flame retardant.

But overall, it's not too surprising that most of our readers are wary of the fat tax. Historically, Americans aren't fond of taxes at all.

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