The 21 Most Affordable Hawaiian Resorts and Hotels

Say ‘aloha’ to affordable prices

If you’ve ever dreamed of vacationing in Hawaii but worried you might not be able to afford staying in one of the swanky seeming resorts, you no longer have to worry. The Daily Meal has scoured the internet for the most affordable Hawaiian resorts and hotels on all of the Islands that boast more than just room and board.


Think of all the things you can do with the money you save by vacationing in these resorts and hotels! You can book a spa appointment, you can taste some of the best food and drink in Hawaii, and you can visit these gorgeous Hawaiian spots that haven’t been overrun by tourists. Some of these deals are great for couples and families so grab a friend or your loved ones and head west for sun, sand, and surf!


Have you started mentally packing your suitcase yet, or what? It’s always a great time to visit Hawaii. Check out the 21 most affordable Hawaiian resorts and hotels. You can tell us “mahalo” later.