A Modern Caviar Cocktail Party

Caviar may seem like a luxury, out-of-reach item, and it usually is. But with Petrossian's Caviarcubes, it's available to a new generation of caviar connoisseurs. These tiny, compressed caviar squares are bursting with flavor —  and they can be had for a 'caviar-reasonable' price. One jar costs $45 and contains about 12 to 16 cubes. They can easily be used in cocktails, shooters, and a variety of small plates — here is a menu plan for a fun cocktail party designed entirely around them.



The Tsar

Caviar and cucumber are a natural pairing. Caviar, cucumber, and vodka — even better. This cocktail is elegant and fresh, and the pressed caviar adds a nice touch of salt and richness.


The Caviar2 [squared]

How do you improve upon a caviar garnish? You add more caviar! In addition to the cube, this cocktail also features a caviar-stuffed olive, as well as a pickled pearl onion. For those who like this sort of thing, it's all sour and salt and tang — a good match to a stron cocktail.



However you take your martini — dirty or dry, shaken or stirred, gin or vodka — adding a twist and Caviarcube makes it a fun new experience. 


Vodka Shots

Here's one way to dress-up the everyday vodka shot. Splurge for some premium-quality vodka, and serve it in chilled shot glasses garnished with a Caviarcube and cucumber wedge. The salt from the cube makes a great, palate-cleansing chaser.


Sparkling Wine

Even though Champagne immediately comes to mind, it's not the only sparkling wine that works with caviar. Enjoy the cubes in between sips of more moderately priced varieties of bubbly like Prosecco or Cava.



Cucumber-Caviar Cups

Bite-sized delicacies that create a refreshing combination of cool cucumber and sea-salty caviar.


Caviar-Stuffed Olives

"Square peg, round hole" is how we like to describe this simple, skewered appetizer. Just place a caviar cube inside the unpitted olive (preferably green), then pierce with a toothpick and arrange on a platter.


Caviar and Deviled Quail Eggs

Just replace the scoop of caviar in this stunning hors d'oeuvre recipe from Napa Valley's Étoile with a caviar cube.


Smoked Salmon Blinis

A dish that looks more difficult to compose than it actually is becomes even more elegant with a caviar cube resting on top.