Sorry Not Sorry, The Mickey Premium Bar Is The Most Overrated Disney Snack

Imagine: You and your family are on a magical, happy vacation at a Disney park. Perhaps you're racing through the Matterhorn at Disneyland or you're on a terrifying elevator ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In the middle of your park day, you get a little grumbling in your tummy and you decide to go for a Disney-themed snack. You walk up to the nearest ice cream cart and order what looks to be the most satisfying (and Instagrammable) snack: the Mickey Premium Bar. Well, prepare to be disappointed, because that is literally the most overrated (and boring) snack in Disney's proud repertoire.

Sure, the Mickey Premium Bar is a classic Disney snack and it can photograph great. But beyond that three-circle Mickey Mouse shape, the Mickey Premium Bar is nothing but your everyday, run-of-the-mill milk chocolate-coated vanilla ice cream bar.

There are tons of better snacking options at American Disney parks. Perhaps you're at Disney's California Adventure for the International Food & Wine Festival or Epcot for Flower and Garden. You can get, like, 100 different, delicious snacks for the same price as this generic ice cream bar.

Heck, if you want something Mickey-themed for the Instagram (which is totally understandable), you have plenty of options. There are Mickey-shaped cake pops, the Mickey Premum Ice Cream Sandwich with a cookies and cream filling, and my personal favorite, the Mickey pretzel with cheese sauce.

These days, Disney parks offer a wide variety of snacks seemingly made just for social media sharing. Halloween saw the bat wing sundae at Disneyland, and just this month Disney rolled out stunning rose gold cupcakes with Minnie ears. You can get vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate at every grocery store and Dairy Queen. Where else can you get a strawberry-flavored rose gold churro?


So next time you're at Disney, get the Mickey Premium Bar if it's, like, your No. 1 must-have tradition. Otherwise, expand your horizons and your Instagram feed with something new and delicious. (And don't forget to hop on one of the best Disney park attractions of all time for even more photo inspiration.)

Carolyn Menyes is the entertain editor at The Daily Meal. She also thinks the turkey leg is pretty gross. Follow her Disney adventures (and more) on Instagram and Twitter.