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Stars Get Healthy for March Madness Slideshow

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Derrick Nix, Michigan State

Michigan State is back in the top 10 and the emergence of junior center Derrick Nix is a big reason why. In the past couple of years, Nix has probably made the biggest transformation in terms of appearance in all of college basketball he has shed close to 50 pounds. Nix came to East Lansing weighing almost 320 pounds and spent most of his first two seasons playing limited minutes simply because he couldn't last more than that without gasping for air. Nix gave up his favorite dinner meal, Little Caesar's pizza, and completely changed his lifestyle. This season, he has been an imposing 270-pound force for the Spartans and has more than doubled his playing time, averaging almost 20 minutes per game. He's certainly one to watch in the next couple weeks of madness.