Making Potato Salad Healthier

Potato salad, an essential mainstay of backyard barbecues, pool parties, and picnics, marks the height of spring and the start of summer. And, a party without potato salad and all the fixings just wouldn't seem like a real party. But with all the traditional toppings such as mayo, chopped eggs, and even bacon, it can be a caloric and fat overload that isn't exactly waist-friendly.

So we've teamed up with Laura Cipullo, registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, to put together some tips that will help make the next potato salad you make a little lighter while still retaining all the flavor.

Cipullo's approach with clients focuses on getting rid of the "diet mentality" and establishing a healthy relationship with food that places an emphasis on moderation while still including favorite foods — yes, even potato salad.

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