Make Your Own Epic Burger Adventure

If you grew up in the 80's and you were a big reader (and a big nerd) you remember reading Choose Your Own Adventure in the back of the car, the series of books where you made choices to determine how the story would go.

"Your best friend Ben has been in India for a short trip, working on an article about Kali worshippers" they'd start out. "Three days ago, he vanished. The only clues you have are scary dreams where Ben is killed in a ceremony presided over by aliens on the lost island of Atlantis. You must find him before the universe explodes! What should you do next?"

Ben wasn't very smart, was he? Shouldn't Ben have known better than to go spelunking with Kali aliens? Didn't he see Temple of Doom? There should have been an adventure about a world made out of food, or even just going down to the corner grocery store, or visiting Pat LaFrieda. Wait! Now there's an idea!

That's right folks, this marks a new era in burger slideshow formats on The Daily Meal. We love a good slideshow as much as anyone, but we're looking to do things a little differently. So come on kids, let's go on a choose your own amazing burger adventure!  Where YOU become the epic burger-making hero. And there are recipes along the way!

"Your friend Chef Chuck Sirloin has an unlimited supply of the best beef in the world. He needs someone to help him figure out all the amazing burgers he can make with it. Toppings, bread choice, icons reinterpreted, extreme burger eating, these are the only limitations. What burger should you make next?! Choose fast, or the burger's gonna be overcooked!"

We hope for this first installment to just be the beginning. Check in regularly for new burger storylines!

To embark on your epic burger adventure, click here.

Arthur Bovino is The Daily Meal's Eat/Dine editor. Read more articles by Arthur, reach him by email, or click here to follow Arthur on Twitter. Additional contributions by Yasmin Fahr.