A Late-Night Graduation Party Snack Menu

What to have on hand to satisfy hungry graduates

For high school graduates, after the formal graduation dinners and lunches with friends and family it’s time to celebrate with friends. From pool parties to boat parties, the night usually ends with a group of friends together at someone’s house — and everyone starving. Plan ahead and put together a menu of foods that will satisfy the teens late night cravings and that they can help themselves to (so you can rest easy).


Fancy Potato Skins with Chorizo

Listen up folks, because I'm about to let you in on my all-time best hors d'oeuvres recipe. Little red new potatoes stuffed with... 

— Maryse Chevriere

Potato Chips and Crack Dip

For me, this recipe is as D.C. as the Redskins... 

 Valaer Murray


BBQ Chicken Wings

These simple and easy-to-make wings get a spicy kick from a spicy BBQ sauce but, if you like the heat, then add some… 

 Yasmin Fahr


Mini Grilled Cheeses

Dress up plain-Jane grilled cheese sandwiches with fancy cheeses, and a bit of truffle oil, for a new... 

 Lulu Powers

Make-Your-Own Sundaes

Stock the freezer with pints in all of the graduate’s favorite flavors and whip up a batch of hot fudge sauce (store it in one of these great glasses). Leave a large tray of brownies and cookies out on the counter (sprinkles, caramel, and whipped cream, too!) and instructions to have lots of fun.


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