KitchenAid Introduces Misty Blue Mixer To Honor Its 100th Anniversary

KitchenAid mixers come in a dazzling array of colors, and now a new shade has been released to celebrate the company's centennial. Cooks and bakers can now buy the brand's 5-quart tilt-head stand mixer and its 36-inch dual-fuel range in a delicate hue that's been dubbed misty blue.

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The company describes the shade as a soft blue color with a hint of green, and says that it is  "reminiscent of one of the first KitchenAid stand mixer colors ever introduced."

"Misty Blue brings back a classic style that will spark nostalgia across generations, while also continuing to feed inspiration in the kitchen," Nikki Lockett of KitchenAid said in a statement. "This launch not only commemorates the brand's past – but it also celebrates all the passionate home cooks who have inspired our innovation for the last 100 years."

Misty blue isn't the only stunning KitchenAid shade of 2018. Back in March, the company announced its first-ever Color of the Year series, choosing a tropical coral shade dubbed Bird of Paradise.

The appliances don't come cheap. The stove will be available this fall at a cost of $7,699, and the mixer will sell for $650 and $520. The pricier mixer features a ceramic bowl and flex-edge beater, while the other comes with a stainless-steel bowl.

Maybe you're content with your current mixer and range, but you may want to add the misty blue appliances to this list of 25 kitchen items you probably don't need, but might want anyway.