Kitchen Fantasies: No-Budget Dream Kitchens of the The Daily Meal Staff

The TDM staff dreams big — this time, on kitchens

Join the TDM staff in dreaming: what would your fantasy kitchen entail?

Lately, The Daily Meal staff has shared a few of our fantasies with our readers — courtesy of our Entertain editor, we’ve discussed, contributed, and published the dizziest details of our no-budget party fantasies (and menus) and our most overflowing gift bags and party treats.

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But then we thought of something we hadn’t done, something we don’t know how we could have missed… what, without money limitations, would be our absolute, sky’s-the-limit, kitchen dreams?

Taking into account everything from the theme, style, purpose, and utility to the cabinets, floors, countertops and knobs, not to mention the sinks, faucets, seating, appliances, and design, what would we include in our decked-out, all-expenses paid, never-have-to-worry-about-it-again, someone-will-always-be-there-to-fix-it-for-you, total kitchen remodel? (Or first-ever build.) 

TDM has plenty of answers.


Tyler is The Daily Meal's assistant editor.

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