KFC Is Giving Away a Bearskin Rug Out of Your Nightmares

Good luck feeling romantic with Colonel Sanders watching the whole time

You could win the most terrifying home furnishing ever, a bearskin rug from KFC with the head and hands of Colonel Sanders. Not a word of that last sentence is false. The chicken restaurant chain is running a contest on Reddit, and the winner wins the right to this creepy carpet.

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So the rug is a fluffy white bearskin rug as you may associate with romantic nights in front of the fire, with a few major differences. Instead of the bear’s head and paws, this rug has a model of Colonel Harlan Sanders’ head and plasticky hands and apparently business-shoe clad feet. It’s like the good colonel is there to watch your date, uh, progress. He’ll probably suggest you feed each other some original recipe chicken or something.

"I'm no dating expert, but the only thing I can think of that's more romantic than eating fried chicken on Valentine's Day, is eating fried chicken on a faux bearskin rug created in the likeness of the greatest chicken salesman of all time – Colonel Sanders," said Andrea Zahumensky, chief marketing officer of KFC U.S.

Don't chicken out now, enter the online contest on Reddit. And you can win more than the rug. The prizes also include two fried chicken pajama onesies, a gift card for KFC for two for a year, and a yearly subscription to an online streaming service.

To try to win, show off your talents on Reddit by either photoshopping the rug, writing a story, or making a drawing. And this should be easy, because nothing on Earth is been more ripe for parody than this rug. Before entering, better read the instructions here.


This is just one of KFC’s super-creative promotions. The UK KFC had a gravy candle, and don’t forget the 11 herbs and spices firelog or the chicken bath bomb. And if you love goofy products as much as they do, even though Christmas has passed, check out these crazy candy cane flavors you won’t believe exist.