KFC Is Now Offering a Gravy-Scented Candle in the UK

Pour out some light with this limited-edition home accessory

Ah, the wonderful scents of household candles. Vanilla, pine, berry and … gravy? Yes, KFC in the U.K. and Ireland is pouring out a very limited-edition candle that both looks and smells like gravy.

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Wait, what? Don’t chicken out, it’s a real thing.

“Nothing beats the sweet, soulful aroma of KFC gravy,” KFC UK boasts on its webpage. “So this January, why not fill your home with Finger Lickin’ good vibes thanks to our limited-edition KFC Gravy Candle?”

KFC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but in a tweet, the company says, “Whilst the candle does include some of our infamous gravy, we wouldn't advise actually eating it.” (Not like this edible candle we wrote about in December.)

Even if you really do want your house to smell like gravy, it’s not as easy as just throwing KFC your hard-earned money. You can’t buy the candle — you have to enter to win one of the 230 that exist. (And you have to be a resident of the U.K. or Ireland, and enter the drawing by January 28. Sorry, Americans and Canadians who are drooling right now.)

If the smell of a gravy candle isn’t enough, check out KFChill, a webpage featuring audio of simmering gravy (or frying chicken, or falling fries). Both the candle and the audio samples promote the Gravy Mega Box, a KFC combo offering three kinds of chicken, french fries, and an ample serving of gravy.


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