Introducing The Rather Expensive And Unnecessary Automatic Pancake Machine

Isn't love the most important ingredient in any food? Clearly, Popcake believes otherwise. According to The Huffington Post, the automatic machine makes "mini, medium, and large pancakes, cooked to whatever doneness you desire. The catch is that it costs $3,700 and is probably more trouble than it's worth." Obviously, the contraption is made for "high-output food service environments," and (hopefully) not the home cook who just swallows pancakes by the bucket-load, but hates to cook them. The Huffington Post adds, "Another thing the Automatic Pancake Machine lacks in comparison to actual, human cooking: butter!" We rest our case.

Check out the promo video for the Automatic Pancake Machine here!

The Popcake Automatic Pancake Machine training video is more than eight minutes long — eight minutes you could have been griddling and enjoying your delightful pancake creations. Griddling pancakes is rather simple task and is hardly un-enjoyable or strenuous. The best way to make pancakes is to make pancakes. Don't be lazy this summer, especially when it comes to brunch! A robot machine will surely not create delicious banana pancakes with chocolate chips and the main ingredients in any delicious dish: dedication and love.

Here are some delicious pancake recipes for those bold enough to make pancakes the right way!