Watch Ice-T Eat His First Bagel And Sip His First Cup of Coffee

The musician and actor made it to age 60 without trying either item, but here he goes
Ice-T and bagel
Photo modified: Wong/Oxygen

Recently, musician and actor Ice-T revealed on Twitter that he’d never eaten a bagel – or had a cup of coffee – despite his “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” character carrying around a cinnamon-raisin bagel on the show. That’s no longer the case: The musician and actor, 60, sampled both, and shared his reactions in a new video.

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The video is a promo for a dating service whose name shares the two items Ice-T has happily ignored for six decades, Coffee Meets Bagel. They must’ve paid him in much more than bagels to do the video, but the resulting antics are fun to watch.

Spoiler: Don’t expect to see Ice-T at your neighborhood Starbucks or bagel shop any time soon. Bagels and coffee are, shall we say, kind of an acquired taste. Which Ice-T did not manage to acquire in his short introduction to the foods.

He starts with a cup of black coffee, which, come on! Ease the man into it with a latte or something lighter.

“OK, it’s not what I expected,” he said after a slurp. “Tastes like water. With something…another taste kicked in later.” He later said that it was his first time drinking black coffee, and he was pretty sure it would be his last. 

Bagels weren’t a lot more successful. “I’m from the West Coast, and it always just looked like an unsweetened doughnut to me,” he said before biting into a plain, untoasted bagel spread with cream cheese.

“It’s not bad,” he admitted after taking a bite of the bagel. “It has a different consistency than a doughnut.” But the one bite went down heavy.

“That one bite…” he pondered. “I feel like I just ate a loaf of bread…people eat this whole thing?”

Ice-T video

Screenshot courtesy Coffee Meets Bagel

Really, the food items as presented to Ice-T could not be blander or less appealing to a new eater. How about a toasted bagel? Some jam? An everything bagel? Veggie cream cheese instead of plain? (To be fair, the dating site's blog post says Ice-T did try other varieties, they just didn't make the final cut of the video.)

Ice-T did try a bagel with lox, as recommended by one of his “Jewish homeboys.”

“The teeth better be in check,” he remarked while chewing, and chewing, and chewing. “You got any caps on your teeth, anything like that, it’s all gone.”


Bagels haven't needed Ice-T’s fame to make headlines this year. Actress and politician Cynthia Nixon made headlines for ordering lox on a cinnamon-raisin bagel this fall, and Londoners could order ice-cream bagel sandwiches this summer. If this whole discussion has you in the mood for a delicious bagel with a schmear, here are the best bagels outside of New York.