How To Throw A Perfect Oscars Party

Throwing a party can seem daunting for any occasion, but the Oscars are meant to be especially glamorous. But celebrity caterer Mary Giuliani believes that you can throw an over-the-top bash without going over-the-top on your budget or time.

Her most basic tip is to keep the food to one-bite snacks, but to make sure you have decadent drinks. As she puts it memorably, "Drinks big, food small, perfect party."

She also advises to have fun with the films that are out this year. "You have the best guide because the films can be your greatest creative inspiration ever," she says. "Take this time to be as corny and have as much fun and play off what the film's are featuring as much as possible."

Her suggestions for this year's crop range from Silver Linings Playbook snacks like mini Philly cheesesteaks to mini desserts that she dubs "Life of Pies." For drinks she suggests buying champagne and then putting out various juices so that guests can make their own cocktails — it's a decadent setting without a ton of work for the host.

For more of Giuliani's tips, watch the video above and you can always head over to her website for more!