How to Throw a Great Block Party

Follow these tips to get everyone ready for the best party on the whole block

In this day and age, it’s hard to find time to get to know the people who make up the community that you live in. However, hosting a block party provides the fun opportunity for neighbors to become friends. Here’s a fantastic opportunity to get together with your neighbors to eat, mingle, and be merry!

Planning and permits: Get in touch with neighbors beforehand by going door-to-door and offering information about the party. Ask about their availability and interest in being a part of the block party planning. Once a committee has been made, set a date for the party and divide the workload between setup, cleanup, etc.

Many communities require permits to shut down roads and hold public gatherings. Call your local police or municipal services department once a date has been set to discuss permits, deposits, and special event insurance. If there is a permit fee or deposit, collect a small fee from those who are attending.

Food and dessert: Potlucks are a simple and effective way of feeding a crowd while offering a variety of tasty food options. To keep from having a buffet full of chips and dip, circulate a sign up sheet with assigned categories such as salads, meats, and desserts. Great potluck dishes can be made in big batches, are easy to transport, and are best served at room temperature. Looking for a perfect potluck dish? Try our crowd-pleasing baked Mexican chicken meatballs, or our pesto, peas, and pine nuts pasta salad. And if you want to generate some buzz, hold a chili cook-off where you ask guests to bring their best chili recipe.

Desserts are a must have! Ask guests to bring finger-food desserts such as salted caramel brownie buttons and chocolate peanut butter cookies, which are guaranteed to please the sweet tooths of both kids and adults. You can also try serving this coconut pudding in mini Dixie cups for easy serving and no cleanup.