How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Cookies — people can't get enough of them and neither can we. Out of all of the cookies there are to enjoy, there's one classic variety that always takes the number one spot in our hearts. It's the one that has the mouse asking for a glass of milk, the one that is the perfect combination of chocolate and buttery dough, and the one that's so popular that it has its own national holiday on May 15.

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Can you guess what it is?

That's right, it's the chocolate chip cookie, and to help us celebrate the delicious treat, renowned baker Kathleen King of Tate's Bake Shop was able to share some of her most coveted industry secrets to help us make the perfect one. While her critically acclaimed store in Southampton, N.Y., only opened in 2000, King has been baking since the age of 11. Only 10 years later, King opened her first bake shop at the age of 21, and has since published three cookbooks, won several awards, and now bakes more than 2 million cookies per week at her popular bakery in Eastern Long Island.

Out of all of the sweets that King bakes up at the shop — including cakes, pie, muffins, and brownies — she's most known for her chocolate chip cookie. Winner of the Number One Chocolate Chip Cookie by Consumer Reports in 2011, among other awards, the cookie is made with simple, all-natural ingredients and continues to remain a sellout item at the store today. While King couldn't possibly share the original recipe for her cookie (and can you blame her?), she did share some of her best and most secret tips for making them perfectly. Not only that, but she also shared her Chubby Tates recipe from her most recent cookbook, Baking for Friends, which is a thicker, chewier version of her original chocolate chip cookie recipe, and as close as we'll get to it.

While we don't have King's recipe, we still have many versions of our own chocolate chip cookie recipes, and with her tips, we're confident we'll make the perfect ones. So get baking and pour yourself a glass of milk to cheers to these popular cookies

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This post was originally published on May 14, 2013.