How to Host a Beer-in-the-Garden Party

When your summer garden is in bloom, invite neighbors and friends over for cocktails and beer
Greater Boston Gala Girls


When the weather is warm and the yard is bursting with flowers of all colors, there is no better way to entertain then to take things out of doors.

When us Meek girls — Alex, Jennifer, and Jocelyn — were little, our neighbor across the street did just that. She would host an annual “Beer-in-the-Garden” party. It sounded terribly romantic, I must say (even though, as a child, we weren’t invited, so part of the allure was the mystery itself). This fun and casual gathering become an annual tradition and was a great way to meet your neighbors while guests could come an go as they pleased. Plus, it's an excellent excuse to transform that backyard space in to an outdoor living room!

In the below segments, you'll find our helpful tips for setting the scene (and keeping your guests laughing) along with some simple and delicious recipes so you can host your own beer in the garden party in the backyard this summer.


Segment I: Cocktails

How to make the Strip and Go Naked Cocktail.



Segment II: Easy Appetizers, Part One

How to make Tomato Bruschetta and Watermelon Skewers.



Segment III: Easy Appetizers, Part Two

How to make Mango-Curry Shrimp Salad in Phyllo Cups.



Segment IV: Party Atmosphere

How to decorate your outdoor space with flowers, send out a great invite on a beer coaster, and a fantastic game for all party guests to enjoy — plus the right tunes to play!


Click here to download the rectangle coaster invitation; click here to download the round coaster invitation.

Click here to download the Beer-in-the-Garden Game.


Click here for the Beer-in-the-Garden CD playlist and cover, then download the below songs for the perfect party playlist (then burn copies for your guests to take home).

1. Summer Wind — Frank Sinatra

2. Listen to the Music — The Doobie Brothers

3. Summertime Thing — Chuck Prophet

4. Sunday Morning — Maroon 5

5. God Only Knows — The Beach Boys

6. Lovely Day — Bill Withers

7. More — Bobby Darin

8. Put Your Records On — Corinne Bailey Rae

9. Better Together — Jack Johnson

10. Better Than — John Butler Trio

11. Don’t Wait Too Long — Madeleine Peyroux