How To Grill A Whole Fish

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Grilling or cooking whole fish can seem intimidating to many home cooks, but it's actually quite an easy process — especially if a chef teaches you how to do it. Above is a video from chef Erik Cosselmon of San Francisco's popular Greek restaurant Kokkari. With step-by-step tips, from proper heat level to tricks for knowing when the fish is done, he shares his expertise with home cooks. 

The recipe for the whole fish is below, as well as two others from his cookbook Kokkari. All three recipes are served with the Kokkari Dressing, a mix of fresh herbs, garlic, and lemon juice that is decidedly Greek in flavor. If making the whole fish goes well at home, then maybe give the grilled octopus a shot. 


Grilled Lamb Chops with Kokkari Dressing

Easy to grill, these lamb chops can be eaten with a fork and knife, but make sure not to miss the tasty meat near the bone. 





Grilled Octopus with Lemon and Olive Oil

Meaty and full of flavor, grilled octopus is commonly served at most restaurants near the water in Greece. 




Grilled Whole Fish with Kokkari Dressing

Try topping this flaky white fish with a good-quality olive oil to finish.