Prepare A Passover Feast Using Just Your Slow-Cooker

Passover recipes often require a lot of work, preparation, time, and attention. The broth for the matzo ball soup has to be watched carefully as it simmers away on the stove, the beef brisket has to be cooked for hours so that it achieves that perfect tender texture, and dessert is just another challenge that you really don't have time for. Luckily, this year, Passover is going to be easier than ever before, as you're going to hand over all your hard work to your slow-cooker.

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You can still serve a traditional Passover feast, but you don't need to spend the whole week before preparing for it. This three-course Passover meal is cooked entirely in your slow-cooker or Crock-Pot, letting your favorite kitchen tool do all the work for you, so you can get on with everything else that needs to be done.

Slow-Cooker Chicken Matzo Ball Soup

It wouldn't be Passover if you didn't start the meal slurping on a bowl of chicken matzo ball soup. Cooking this comfort food normally requires hours of attention, but now you can simply throw everything for the broth in the slow-cooker, drop in the matzo balls when it's almost dinner time, and your light, fragrant soup will be ready to serve.

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Slow-Cooker Coffee-Braised Beef Brisket With Potatoes and Carrots      

Don't faff around with baking your beef brisket in the oven. Constantly checking on it for the four or more hours while it cooks in the oven means you really can't leave your home for a whole day as you prepare this dish. Instead, drop the brisket, potatoes, carrots, and a marinade in the slow-cooker, and hours later a complete, hearty meal will be ready to serve.

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Walnut, Ginger, and Cranberry-Stuffed Apples

Passover dessert is always a challenge due to the restrictions on the ingredients that you can and can't use for this holiday. This simple dessert of whole apples stuffed with a simple and healthy combination of walnuts, ginger, and dried cranberries can be put in a greased crockpot and simply served with a drizzle of honey. Dessert really couldn't be any easier.

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