We Tried the Mystery Peeps Flavors, Here’s What They Taste Like

They’re the perfect April Fool’s Day-Easter hybrid
Mystery Peeps flavors
Jacqui Wedewer/The Daily Meal

The Mystery Peeps flavors are no longer a mystery to our editors.

Easter falls on April 1 this year, and that means there is plenty of tomfoolery to be had. Peeps knows this, and for the fourth year in a row they’ve launched a series of Mystery Peeps for a unique Easter basket challenge. Never ones to turn down a good guessing game, five Daily Meal staff members (and Peeps fans) gathered to tear into some Peeps and see what they tasted like. While the boxes themselves are colored purple, red, and yellow and fittingly named Mystery #1, Mystery #2, and Mystery #3, respectively, the Peeps themselves are all white, leaving only our palates to solve the mystery.

Mystery Peep No. 1
This Peep had a strong scent when the package was opened, but the taste was far, far more subtle. It evoked the flavor of Colgate toothpaste, chalky conversation hearts leftover from Valentine’s Day, and just a touch of spearmint. “It needs to say ‘Be Mine,’” one editor quipped. All jokes aside, this Peep was
minty fresh and refreshing.
Our Guess: Mint

Mystery Peep No. 2
This was the most subtly flavored marshmallow, and one of our Peeps eaters literally could not taste a single other flavor in Mystery Peep No. 2. It made her feel broken. For the most part, this Peep reminded us of soda. “It tastes like Sprite!” one editor remarked as her fellow taster quickly noted it was actually more like flat Sprite. On the other hand, this reminded a noted Peeps fan of that “yellow American soft drink” better known as Mountain Dew.
Our Guess: Lemon-Lime

Mystery Peep No. 3
This marshmallow smelled like “my grandma’s drapes” to one editor, which… OK! This was far and away the most flavorful Peep and made various editors think of jelly beans, Starburst, and Pixy Stix. “It feels a little jarring for a marshmallow to have this flavor,” one taster said about the bold Peep. Basically, this Peep is
100 percent candy-flavored and a bit sour, so it’s a bundle of fun in a marshmallow package.
Our Guess: Sour Gummy Worms

Honestly, despite our best guesses, we still don’t know what exactly these mysterious Peeps taste like. But then again, there are a lot of
things we don’t know about Peeps

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