Most Popular Thanksgiving Pies, Ranked

With so many delicious pies to choose from, which one reigns supreme?


Which pie is America's (and your) favorite??

Forget the roasted turkey, forget the side dishes, and forget the wine. (Wait, no, don’t forget the wine!) Though a Thanksgiving Day dinner has many components, nothing compares to the true star of the day: the pie.

What helps to make Thanksgiving so great is the wide arrangement of pies available to choose from. Pecan pie? Chocolate cream pie? Pumpkin pie? Please, pass them all. But, with so many different, deliciously diverse pies to choose from, we have to ask: Which pie reigns supreme?

We combed through the Google trends from the last 30 days to see which pies people searched for the most to figure out which dish will be the most popular this holiday season. And the answer may surprise you (but probably won’t). Here are the most popular Thanksgiving pies, ranked:

#6 Cranberry Pie

Though cranberries are a staple of any Thanksgiving plate, they’re most popularly served as a relish or sauce, not a pie. Thus, the poor cranberry pie, despite its biting tartness balanced out perfectly with plenty of sugar and orange zest, has failed to catch on as an American dessert staple.

#5 Pecan Pie

Deep molasses combines with brown sugar and the sweet, crunchy pecan for the classic autumnal pecan pie. Though the flavors absolutely personify Thanksgiving, the high price of pecans perhaps keep this away from many tables.

#4 Sweet Potato Pie

Though pumpkin pie may have the more popular reputation, sweet potato pie is a bona fide Southern classic. Comforting fall spices (and sometimes a little bit of bourbon) help to sweeten up those spuds and make them a warm, welcoming addition to your plate.

#3 Chocolate Cream Pie

Even traditional meals such as Thanksgiving can’t escape the madness of chocolate-lovers, making chocolate cream pie the third most-searched-for pie this November. The sweet filling, a combination of chocolate pudding and whipped cream, is a favorite for both the young and young-at-heart, making this pie pretty irresistible.

#2 Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a fall tradition, though it doesn’t typically get a lot of love outside of Thanksgiving (unfortunately). What’s there to say about the rich, creamy combination of squash, sweetened milk, cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon that has not yet been said? We love it, you love it. Now pass us another slice, stat!

#1 Apple Pie


They say there’s nothing more American than apple pie, and, boy, were they right! This pie far surpassed others with the number of searches, making it the king of Thanksgiving Day. And it makes sense. Fall is the season for apple picking, and there’s no better use for all of that fresh fruit than to fall it together with cinnamon and sugar and place it lovingly in a flaky crust. Everything about this dish screams fall, and thus, Thanksgiving.