Jelly Belly's Holiday Flavors Have Your Dessert Needs Covered

Everyone knows the best part of the holidays is dessert. Pumpkin pie, candy canes, hot chocolate... They're all a festive, wintery dream. The fine folks over at Jelly Belly know that people live for these festive treats, so when they rolled out their Holiday Favorites box for 2017, all of those treats (and more) were included.

The Holiday Favorites Jelly Belly package comes with five flavors: hot chocolate, eggnog, pumpkin pie, candy cane, and cranberry sauce. So every part of a holiday party, from cocktails to dinner to dessert, is covered.

The jelly beans are surprisingly true to taste, too. The cranberry sauce is perfectly tart yet sweet, the candy cane flavor nails the cooling and slightly sweeter peppermint taste, hot chocolate tastes just like a warm mug of Swiss Miss, Egg Nog gets that milky and spiced flavor just right, and pumpkin pie is just the latest pumpkin spice product to take over your tastebuds.

So honestly, this Thanksgiving, you could probably skip the actual pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce and just serve up a bunch of these Jelly Belly jelly beans. They're just as good as any other store-bought Thanksgiving dish.