How to Host a St. Patrick’s Day Feast

Celebrate the luck of the Irish with these favorite dishes this St Patrick’s Day
Surprise-Inside St Paddy's Day Cupcakes


Delight your guests with some colorful surprise-inside cupcakes.

Whether you’re Irish, want to be Irish, or are not Irish at all, St. Patricks Day provides everybody with the perfect excuse to party in the middle of March. Every St. Paddys Day should center on food and drink, so we’ve created this guide to help you host the perfect St. Paddy’s Day feast.

How to Host a St. Patrick's Day Feast (Slideshow)

St. Patricks Day wouldn’t be the same without a celebratory meal made up of a mixture of our favorite traditional Irish dishes, and some edible green festive fun. Corned beef and cabbage is of course the classic Irish-American staple, so we’ve found you a failsafe recipe so you can easily make your own. Soda bread and a hearty soup are the most comforting and authentic of Irish appetizers. Thankfully, making the bread from scratch is so much easier than you would ever imagine. Ending the evening with some chocolate Guinness cupcakes and an Irish coffee will ensure the evening is remembered (albeit rather blurrily) as absolute perfection.

Of course, a St. Paddy’s Day celebration wouldn’t be a real St. Paddy’s Day celebration without plentiful drinking. We recommend you skip the green beer this year — it’s not actually what they drink in Ireland anyway — and try some of our favorite St. Paddy’s Day cocktails, as well as making the most of your annual excuse to drink excessive amounts of Guinness. A splash or two of Irish whiskey wouldn’t go amiss either.


As the host, not only is it your job to prepare the food and make sure you’ve got a well-stocked bar, but you also need to set a festive vibe. The easiest solution is obviously to add a hint of green to your home. Make sure your wearing at least one green item of clothing, add some green napkins to the table, float some rainbow-colored balloons around the room, and make sure there is plenty of bowlfuls of (naturally) green food on the dining table. Put on a playlist of Irish folk music, and with the wafts of corned beef coming from the kitchen, you’re all set to host the best St. Patrick’s Day feast both your Irish and non-Irish friends have ever seen.