Crazy Candy Cane Flavors You Won't Believe Exist

When you think of the most popular Christmas candies, you probably think of the classic red-and-white-striped peppermint candy canes. But today, candy canes come in all flavors and colors. Some varities, like blueberry, cherry and cinnamon, have become secondary classics. But there are tons of novelty and crazy candy cane flavors out there you won't believe exist.


Seattle's Archie McPhee is responsible for "Clamdy Canes." These candy canes are flavored like clam and, according to a Daily Meal writer who tried them, smell like salty ocean water and taste like a dead fish. The silver and white stripes, however, are quite visually appealing.

Mac and cheese

The mac and cheese candy cane is another creation by Archie McPhee, but as we've learned, it's not one of its tastiest. They have a lingering fake-cheese flavor, according to our taster. You may be better off making a delicious batch of mac and cheese and having a peppermint for dessert.

Caramel macchiato

Whether you prefer a latte, cappucino or another coffee beverage, few things are more comforting than espresso flavor in the winter. Snuggle up by the fireside with this trio of candy canes from Brach's, which comes with cafe-inspired flavors: caramel macchiato, hot cocoa and sea salt chocolate caramel. The colors are appealing, as well, with shades of brown and tan. These canes will perfectly complement a Christmas tree with gold trimmings.


If you're looking to gnosh on a salty kosher dill but also a piece of candy, Archie McPhee's pickle candy canes have got you covered. They're mildly dill-flavored, and the Daily Meal editor tasked with trying them called their taste "refreshing." They just may be the perfect candy cane to pair with our best burger recipes.

Sour Patch Kids

Sweet and sour is a classic combination on par with Santa and Rudolph, so Spangler's Sour Patch Kids candy canes are a welcome candy-inspired addition to the novelty candy cane lineup. What are the flavors? They match one of America's favorite candies and are simply red, orange and green, of course.


Why learn how to glaze and bake a holiday ham from scratch if you can just have a Hamdy cane? Archie McPhee recommends pairing this with the mac and cheese candy cane for a comforting winter dinner via candy cane.


If the Hamdy cane isn't meaty enough for you, worry not. Archie McPhee also has the salty, smoky, meaty taste of bacon in candy cane form. But it might make an excellent stocking stuffer for the brunch lovers in your life.

Green Apple

How about these apples? The crisp, bright, sugary flavor of a green apple may be more associated with the fall than Christmastime, but if you find yourself pining for days of cider and apple picking gone by, then the green apple candy cane from Brach's is for you. The lime green, pink and white stripe pattern is also perfect for a Grinch-themed display.


Honestly, Archie McPhee has an entire holiday meal ready for you in candy cane form. After you're done with your bacon, mac and cheese, ham and clam, you can feel healthy with a kale candy cane. One of the healthiest foods you can eat gets the candy treatment so you can enjoy all that kale flavor with none of the nutritional benefits.


Halloween may be the holiday most associated with mysterious occurrences, but Christmas can get in on the action, too. Brach's sells a set of mystery candy canes that could genuinely be anything. The colors of these canes — blue, pink, light green, purple and white — don't give any hints about the underlying flavor. Proceed with caution, though we highly doubt any of these are clam-flavored.


Cheese, marinara sauce and a doughy crust is a combination for the ages, so maybe these pizza candy canes from — who else? — Archie McPhee taste better than they sound. While these may be a great gag gift for the pizza fiend in your life, we're gonna stick to the best pizzas in America.


Some people are obsessed with Christmas, and others are just plain ol' Scrooges. If you have a Grinch in your life who has no sense of joy and merriment this time of year, this jumbo, stripeless, flavorless candy cane from Archie McPhee just may be the perfect stocking stuffer. (That is, if they even bother to hang up stockings.)


SweeTarts, those chalky,  tart candies have a distinctive flavor that's slightly fruity but mostly purely sugary. If you love the flavor of SweeTarts but not that texture, the SweeTarts-flavored candy canes will do the trick this Christmas season. And if you totally forgot that SweeTarts were still even around, just wait until you rediscover these nostalgic childhood desserts.

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