The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line's Most-Asked Questions (and the Answers)

You’ll definitely learn something you never knew before

Get your turkey looking this good with these Thanksgiving tips.

There’s something truly, intensely intimidating about roasting a Thanksgiving turkey. At its core, you just season the bird, throw it in the oven, and wait. But despite how truly easy this bird can be to prepare, 80 percent of first-time Thanksgiving cooks (and 40 percent of repeat cooks) are worried about getting the bird right. Luckily, the reliable folks at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line are there throughout the holiday season to coach you through this big task.

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And though the Butterball Talk-Line is there to take your calls (and texts), we thought it would be a great service this Thanksgiving to get in contact directly with a Talk-Line expert and have her answer her most-asked questions for you. So we rang up Carol Miller, who’s been with Butterball for over 30 years, and she talked us through everything you need to know to make your holiday perfect.

From buying a turkey and thawing it to roasting it in the oven and making sure it’s cooked thoroughly (and everything in between), here are the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line's most-asked questions (and the answers).