10 Tricks for Changing Up Your Thanksgiving

Surprise everyone with these unexpected Thanksgiving twists
Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving Tips

The Daily Meal previews our list of Nutritionist Tips for a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving for 2015.

Stuffing Muffins


Thanksgiving will never be the same if you try these tricks

Thanksgiving is typically associated with classic dishes made from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. While these dishes are traditional for every Thanksgiving table, they can be a bit overdone and boring. Though our traditional Thanksgiving foods were not what the Pilgrims ate at the first Thanksgiving dinner, certain dishes, like cranberry sauce and roasted turkey, have become associated with the holiday.[related]

We’ve found ways to replace ingredients in bland mashed potatoes and simple green bean casseroles to impress everyone this year. Your friends and family won’t know what hit them when they dip into your chunky homemade cranberry sauce or your creamy, healthy cauliflower mashed potatoes. Give your classic recipes a makeover with these easy tricks to make them even more delicious.

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 Show off what an innovative cook you are by enhancing your Thanksgiving dinner with surprising ingredients and tricks to make everyone wish Thanksgiving dinner came more than just once a year.