North Carolina City Bans The Worst Halloween Candy Ever

Halloween candies are not all created equal. Full-size Snickers and Kit-Kats, sure, hand 'em over. Sour Patch Kids and caramel M&Ms? Yes, please! But every kid who's ever trick-or-treated knows that there are some candies that sit in the bottom of your bag until well past Christmas, uneaten and unwanted. And the city of High Point, North Carolina, has one particular treat that it has labeled a particularly nasty trick.

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In a Facebook post published on Oct. 24, the city took a definitive stand on a certain candy. On a post featuring a photo of peanut-butter kisses wrapped in Halloween colors, the city made its opinion clear.

"Alright everybody, we're giving you a one-week notice as you prepare for trick-or-treaters to remind y'all that by order of the City of High Point Emperor of Acceptable Candy (it's a real thing), these are banned," the post read. "No one likes them, don't give them out."

The city later made it clear that the post was just a sweet joke, but neither were they backing down. Some readers jumped in to defend the kisses, but High Point doubled down, posting hilarious GIF replies in the comments of the Facebook post, making it clear they weren't giving up.

"It's not so much peanut butter hate as it is hate against a really all-around terrible candy," a city spokesperson told Munchies. "I mean, I understand people have strong feelings against candy corn, but does candy corn break your teeth? No. Does candy corn come in a wrapper that's impossible to fully remove, causing you to enjoy your candy with a side of wax paper while you attempt to chew it? No. These peanut butter abominations are really unfortunate, and in order to help create the most enjoyable Halloween experience for the youth of High Point, we preemptively 'banned' them."

If you really want to give out PB kisses and live in High Point, you don't actually have to fear the city coming after you. But you might have to face the wrath of angry trick-or-treaters egging your house, because come on with these things. If peanut-butter kisses remind you of your childhood and Grandma's candy dish, take a trip down memory lane with these old-school snacks we bet you forgot completely existed.