Healthy Mexican in Minutes

Beef up on quick and easy Mexican recipes that are good for you, too

These Mexican recipes are packed with flavor and are easy to make. (Photo: naotake murayama/CC4.0)

Simplified (and slimmed down!) recipes for your favorite Mexican foods.


— Hollis Templeton, Women's Health



Grilled Mexican-Style Corn Recipe

"Forget boiling, butter, and salt. On the streets of Mexico, corn on the cob is flavored with fresh lime juice and a dash of chili..."

— Women's Health





Beef Empanadas Recipe

"Turn extra pizza dough into something more south-of-the-border. Baking (instead of frying) cuts calories..."

 Women's Health





Tortilla and Avocado Soup

"Belly-flattening Mexican recipes? Yes, they do exist. Here, creamy avocado chunks deliver a dose..."

Women's Health






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