Why You Should Be Eating Artichoke Hearts And 9 Ways To Cook With Them

Why You Should Be Eating Artichoke Hearts and 9 Ways to Cook With Them

Hand-prepared or bought in a jar, we hope you see the obvious health benefits of eating artichoke hearts. We've decided to give you a few ways to use artichoke hearts in your own kitchen. Click ahead to see our list of 9 ways to cook with these beneficial vegetables.

Bake Them

An artichoke heart's versatility allows it to be cooked in many ways. We're using the term loosely here, but you can "bake" them amongst a multitude of proteins, vegetables, and starches.

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Incorporate Them in a Pasta Salad

Will artichokes take the main stage in our next list of the best pasta salads? We'll let you be the judge of that after you experiment with putting a few artichoke hearts into your favorite pasta salad recipe.

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Put Them in a Dip

Whether it's a regular artichoke dip or its slightly twisted cousin, the spinach artichoke dip, artichokes work very well in party spreads with chunks of bread or pita.

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Roast Them

You've roasted potatoes before, so how about placing some artichoke hearts alongside of your spuds the next time you have the oven on?

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Serve with Chicken

You can prepare chicken in many ways with many different spices. Pairing poultry with the slightly pickle-ish, Brussels sprouts-esque taste of artichoke hearts is a worthwhile culinary move.

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Serve with Salmon

Speaking of artichoke hearts with protein, don't be afraid to pair your hearts with heart-healthy salmon.

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Slow-Cook Them

Slow-cookers are in. We've published more slow-cooker recipes than most people have the time to attempt, but try tossing some artichoke hearts in the next time you're experimenting with cooking slowly.

Click here for our Slow Cooker Southwest Spinach and Artichoke Dip recipe.

Top Your Pizza with Them

You may find the idea of artichokes on pizza weird, but we assure you that it's not as strange as some other peculiar pizza toppings used around the world.

Click here for our Luscious Artichoke Heart Pizza recipe.

Use Them in a Salad

There are endless ways to make salad. Marinated artichoke hearts have enough flavor to replace salad dressing, and we'd like to see you experiment with your grill to put toasted artichoke hearts on top of a bed of greens. (Look at that — a bonus way to use them!)

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