Weirdest Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Weirdest Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Much like craft beer, frozen yogurt has created a culinary niche ready to be taken over by creative flavor options. Some are a little stranger than others. So, go ahead and click below to see some of the weirdest froyo flavors out there.

Apple and Cheddar

In the realm of weird froyo flavors, there's no reason not to start with a variety intended for dogs. Yöghund produces a belly-friendly, probiotic-packed apple and Cheddar variety to keep your furry four-legged friend happy and healthy.


If you're looking to start crafting your own frozen yogurt concoctions, there's no better place to start than this avocado-based froyo recipe.

Black Sesame

Avocado wasn't exotic enough for you? How about this speckled and tart black sesame froyo recipe?

Breakfast Special French Toast

At just 129 calories per serving, FroyoWorld's Breakfast Special French Toast seems almost too good to be true. That's assuming that you can limit yourself to just one serving, though.


You've probably seen those warming boxes full of fried dough deliciousness at Taco Bell, and we're willing to guess you've sampled them as well. Now, oddly enough, Yogurtland offers a churro flavored froyo option.

Cranberry Hibiscus

Cranberry Hibiscus is an angiosperm that's also known as the false roselle or a maroon mallow. Luckily, Aunt B's Yogurt Bar has captured the flavor of this many-named flower in one of its many frozen yogurt varieties.

Horchata From Spain

Yooglers Frozen Yogurt sells a froyo flavored like horchata, a traditional Spanish beverage often made of tigernuts, water, and sugar.


Yooglers also makes kulfi-flavored yogurt. Kulfi is a popular frozen dessert in India that is similar to but denser and creamier than the ice cream Americans know and love.

Malted Easter Eggs

It seems like you either love malted candies or you don't — there's not much of a middle ground. If you're a malt-lover, then Yeti Yogurt's Malted Easter Eggs froyo may be for you.

Maple Bacon Donut

A maple-flavored donut makes sense, but a maple-bacon-donut-flavored frozen yogurt sounds like the tantalizingly strange brainchild of Voodoo Doughnut and a froyo-enthusiast. While we're unclear on its true origin, Maple Bacon Donut is a flavor offered by sweetFrog.


Mojitos aren't only meant to be enjoyed while on vacation. Red Mango offers a mojito-flavored froyo flavor.

Olive Oil

The trend in froyo culture seems to be shifting from sweet to a little more savory. Recipes like this frozen Greek yogurt with olive oil with sea salt are unexpected but, apparently, tasty.


Sriracha makes anything better. 16 Handles proved this by (playfully) creating a sriracha-flavored frozen yogurt after the froyo chain was prompted by an episode of Broad City.

Strawberry Jalapeño

Strawberries and jalapeño peppers isn't the most classic of combinations, but Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt has managed a way to harness this sweet and spicy combo into one of its froyo flavors.

Sugarcane Cola

Red Mango also makes a sugarcane cola that you can eat by the spoonful instead of drink. While eating your soda may seem like a strange concept, the menu says it "tastes like a float."

Sweet Corn

Corn, popularly eaten by hand with salt and butter, has found its way into the world of frozen yogurt. Yeti Yogurt offers a sweet corn-flavored froyo.

Taro Root

Taro root, a popular potato substitute, is a flavor of frozen yogurt that Yo Mon Frozen Yogurt is proud to include on its menu.