Weirdest Frozen Yogurt Flavors

With frozen yogurt chains firmly placed in strip malls across America, it’s no surprise that weird flavors are popping up
Weirdest Frozen Yogurt Flavors

Brian Sheehan previews our list of some of the weirdest frozen yogurt flavors out there today.

corn froyo


From sriracha to olive oil, sweet froyo may be overcome by the savory.

In the sweet, sweet world of desserts, there’s a lot of room for playfulness. From American classics like cheesecake, carrot cake, and whoopie pie to more exotic options like gulab jamun from India, it’s clear to see that not only do people enjoy their after-dinner sweets but that they also like variety. Sometimes these desserts are baked, other times they’re as simple as a few pieces of fruit. There’s one treat, though, that has taken Americans by storm over the past decade: frozen yogurt.

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From a healthy ice cream alternative to chain restaurants often boasting over 100 flavors (and more toppings), frozen yogurt (we’ll call it froyo) has a firm foothold in the American dessert guidebook. There’s even a National Frozen Yogurt Day every February 6. Flavors range from coconut to traditional tart to banana and chocolate, and toppings include some healthy options (fruit) and some not-so-healthy choices (candy… lots of candy). Regardless of the froyo chain you choose, you’ll undoubtedly see rows and rows of handles along the wall with labels identifying which delicious flavor will pour from the spout.

As is often the case, what was once fairly basic is becoming more and more, well, we’ll call it creative. Take beer as the precedent here. Perhaps as a college-aged student all you used to have to drink was Genesee Cream Ale. There weren’t many options. Now, however, craft beer is bigger than ever, and you can pick from an ever-increasing variety of unique styles of brew. What happened with beer appears to be happening with froyo — we are in the midst of a “craft” frozen yogurt renaissance. There is clear evidence of this, as the flavors are getting crazier and the options vaster. Read on to see some of the weirdest froyo flavors out there.