gingerbread cookies

The Unhealthiest Foods at Every Holiday Party

Don’t feel guilty if you eat them, because these are also some of the most delicious
gingerbread cookies

These cookies are cute as can be, but also quite caloric.

Just because these foods are labeled the unhealthiest on this roundup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them. Eating these foods at holiday parties and gatherings is actually a really healthy way to spend your holiday season. When else do you get to indulge in these traditional, seasonal favorites?

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Enjoying a glass of mulled wine or eating a slice of your aunt’s famous pecan pie is actually more of a healthy choice than depriving yourself of these foods entirely. The fulfillment and nourishment you get from enjoying food with others has all kinds of health benefits. On the other hand, not allowing yourself any of these indulgent foods is going to mess with your relationship with food and set you up for compensatory behavior later. (Think: Eating the entire box of Danish shortbread cookies after the night is over and your guests are gone. )

That doesn’t sound like a happy, healthful holiday. Instead, it sounds like you’d be introducing a lot of self-sabotage and guilt.


We’ve rounded up the foods with the most sugar, fat, and calories to help you remain aware of what these foods are made of — not to deter you from eating them entirely. We promise that a little overeating, some extra saturated fat, and a bit more added sugar than normal won’t kill you. And it probably won’t make you gain weight, either. These are the most indulgent foods at every holiday party.