fast food breakfast

The Unhealthiest Fast Food Breakfasts

If you’re even a little concerned about your health, avoid these items like the plague
fast food breakfast

It wasn’t too long ago that fast-food restaurants decided to cash in on breakfast. With Americans getting busier and more impatient by the minute, the demand for before-noon fast food was an untapped goldmine.

There’s no arguing that it’s not convenient. You’re on your way to work, coffee in hand at a brisk powerwalk, and suddenly your stomach growls. You, like most Americans, aren’t uber-prepared with yogurt and fresh fruit waiting in your office fridge. But you do pass by a fast food joint or two on your way to the office.

You can stop in and in a few short minutes, you’re only a couple dollars down and have a filling, tasty breakfast in your hands.

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But to no one’s surprise, the breakfast menus got ugly fast. Health standards got thrown to the wayside in favor of promises of bigger, better, and more indulgent options than those offered by other fast food competitors.

Items labeled “mega,” “supreme,” “loaded,” and “ultimate” are guaranteed calorie bombs. But sometimes, it’s not so simple to tell. There are, of course, a few healthy options. But we’ve sniffed out the worst of the worst so that you aren’t fooled by their hefty promises and misleading advertising.


It’s time you find out which menu items will annihilate your arteries — before it’s too late.