10 Most Fattening Fast-Food Dishes

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Which of your favorite chains has the most fattening dish?
10 Most Fattening Fast-Food Dishes
Jane Bruce

Which of your favorite chains has the most fattening dish?

It’s no secret that fast-food outlets make a killing by serving meals that are quick, tasty, and (often) nowhere near nutritious. In fact, some of this belt-bursting chow boasts a calorie count that far exceeds your worst nightmares — not to mention that of anything you’d whip up at home.

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But just when fast-food diners think they’ve seen it all, America’s favorite food purveyors go and outdo even their most devastating of gastronomic bombs. Which brings us to this list of the 10 most calorie-clogged fast-food meals on the market — nine of them surpassing 1,000 calories (and no, silly, that doesn’t include a beverage).

Consider that the daily intake recommended by the USDA’s official Dietary Guidelines is about 2,000 calories. The good old days of the Big Mac — weighing in at a hefty 590 calories — long ago gave way to the era of the KFC Double Down. But at 610 calories, that meat-laden creation’s got nothing on these culinary catastrophes.

And there's no indication that the caloric upward crawl is going to slow down anytime soon. Just four years ago, the highest calorie fast-food meal was reported to be Nathan's Fish N Chips, at 1,537 calories. Even chains like Subway, which has long been using the feel-good weightloss spokesman Jared, has a caloric monster. Their Double Meatball Marinara with Cheese racks up a whopping 1,720 calories! That's a significant jump for just a few years.

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