The Unhealthiest Airplane Snacks

These are least nutritious things you’re likely to bring on an airplane

These are the worst snacks you can bring on the plane.

While you might prefer to bring a snack like hummus or Greek yogurt onto your flight, unfortunately none of those items can make it through security. But you don’t want to fly hungry! Sitting through those long expanses of time with nothing to do is already tough enough. If you’re going to endure changing air pressure and screaming children for a couple of hours, the least you can do is get yourself a snack.

The Unhealthiest Airplane Snacks Gallery

Snacks at the airport can be pricey — most of the time, it’s cheapest and easiest to head to the nearest Hudson News or other quick kiosk and buy pre-packaged food for your flight. When you arrive, you’ll likely see an array of bagged snacks, a wall of candy, a couple of expensive yogurt cups, and a skimpy selection of fresh fruit. Among the bagged options, there are popcorn bags, trail mixes, mixed nuts, and chips of all kinds.


Sometimes, airlines are courteous enough to provide free options while you’re in the air. Some of these options, however, aren’t exactly the most nutritious. We kept both of these snack sources in mind while creating this list of the unhealthiest options you might eat on an airplane.